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We are currently working on "Waltham In Wartime". This publication is the result of a collaboration between Ray Sears, Bryn Elliott and Jonathan Foster. The bulk of the text had been done by Ray before his passing. We plan to publish it in the first half of 2018.

Reflections of the Past celebrates through old photographs the social history of Waltham Abbey, a small and proud west Essex market town.
It drew on Ray's extensive knowledge of the town and on his remarkable collection of photographs and memorabilia.
The Ray Sears Collection came out of a desire to celebrate and share the photographic history of the town. It is an ever expanding mixture of personal and donated photographs.
This site is also the home of the King Harold School photograph archive.

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Raymond Sears
Raymond Sears. 15/9/1930 - 16/2/2017
Ray was born and lived in Waltham Abbey all his life. His interest in local history and collection of old photographs and memorabilia are legendary. He staged exhibitions regularly in the town, and has published a number of books based on his collection, some of these in collaboration with Jonathan.
Jonathan Foster
Jonathan Foster
Jonathan was born in Bristol and taught art and photography in Waltham Abbey at King Harold School between 1980 and 2013. His collaboration with Ray has resulted in a number of highly successful photographic exhibitions, and the joint publication of the ‘Reflections of the Past’ series.
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