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Gravel Winning  
Gravel Winning

Gravel winning on Waltham Marshes with the Holdbrook tower block and flats in the background. This picture c1970.
  Year: 1970 Upload Date: 7th December 2008
Ref No: RSC.1970.333 Location: Holdbrook and Marshes
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Comment by Holdbrook Hub • 05-02-16 • 01.57 PM
We're Holdbrook Hub, a community resource centre on Holdbrook and we're running a big Heritage Project on the area. We're looking to capture old memories, photos and stories for as far back as we can, especially for Waltham Newtown. We want to showcase these wonderful memories with a photo display and store them online, so they are not lost forever. To be involved and share your stories, please email us at: holdbrook.hub@outlook.com or join our Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/192938354370891/
Comment by Darren Sample • 20-09-15 • 10.02 PM
We moved into Park View when it was first built, sometime in the late 60's my parents were very young at the time and it was all new and modern, I can recal visiting my friend next door his dad fixed a swing into the door frame and used to push us, we would sail backwards and forwards over the balcony on the eight floor, absolutely terrifying I still have vertigo nightmares to this day, but it's shame it's been demolished and I think that future generations will appreciate the "Brutalist movement " .
Comment by Ken Jackson • 11-06-12 • 03.33 PM
I lived over the caravan site in Sidney Road (Longcroft Drive) 1966-1988. Many memories of playing over the gravel pits as a kid, climbing up the conveyor belts, swimming in the pits. The concrete park on the 2nd floor of the flats, the old corrugated 'tin chapel' church. Happy days.
Comment by Susan Haddow (Hetherington) • 03-06-12 • 12.35 AM
I lived in the tower block on the 17th floor (24 floors) from 1980/82. Had fantastic views over to Waltham Abbey and beyond. Could see for MILES!!!! The flats were very well designed, under floor heating, didn\'t hear your neighbours, shops nearby, friendly folk! Used to cycle to work in Cheshunt along the canal path on fine days. Happy days!
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