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Narrow Gauge Railway  
Narrow Gauge Railway

A Ruston Proctor Narrow Guage Railway Train, in the Royal Gunpowder Factory, travelling from the South site to the North site having just passed under the Refinery Bridge in Highbridge Street.
  Year: Upload Date: 22nd November 2008
Ref No: RSC..318 Location: RGPF North Site
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Comment by Alec Beanse • 27-11-17 • 11.54 AM
Just read the comment by Nick Hayes and he is correct about that train being southbound. You could see the concrete channel the train ran in from the top deck of the bus and it lay on the Waltham Abbey side of the waterway.
AFAIK it did not connect to the Small Arms but there was a standard gauge connection in to South Site from the Small Arms. A track came off the main line at Brimsdown and entered the south end of the Small Arms site where various branches came off while the track carried on, eventually passing in to the lower end of South Site.
Comment by Nick Hayes. • 03-04-09 • 04.46 PM
Hope you don't mind, but I am certain this train is travelling from the north to the south.From the Refinery Bridge when one looked south the concrete cutting was on the LHS. The large pipe shown was also on the south side of the bridge. There was also a railway swing bridge on the north side of Highbridge st.As a young lad living nearby I was always trying to trace the route of this wonderful little railway. Did it go all the way to Enfield Lock factory?I have never seen this picture before. Any more of the railway or a route map?
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